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Mary MacDonald Rival

Film Projects

If Still You Think Me Mad

Co-writer (pre-production) -- feature film, Poe-adapted female-driven horror.

An independent young woman fulfills a lifelong search for her reluctant father only to be faced with unspeakable mortal choices in this adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Telltale Heart.

Go West:

Co-writer (script) -- feature film, dystopian adventure.

Trapped in a protected society where life plans are set by the state, a young man is determined to discover freedom and drive his own destiny. 

Sell Out: The Klaatu Story

Writer (script) -- feature film, musical bio-pic. 

The true story of how mystery band Klaatu's idealistic attempt to shun the hype of 70s Glam Rock, and "let the music speak for itself," backfires when rumors sweep the globe they are The Beatles in disguise.

(Hold phone camera to QR Code to discover their music on Apple Music.)

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The Charon Incident

Producer ("Best in Fest" 2012 Route 66 Film Festival) -- short film, thriller starring Jessie Pavelka of NBC's Biggest Loser. 

A private fixer is stationed in England, set to complete his final assignment, in this short thriller of pandemic proportions.


Co-writer (script) -- feature film, action that placed in Top 10 of CineCoup Film Accelerator.

An ex-enforcer is recalled to Boston to settle an old score with a maniacal crime boss while being hunted by a man known only as The Frenchman.


sell out cover.jpg
IMG_1072 (1).jpg


Co-writer (script with 20+ produced demos by member of Klaatu) -- feature film, animated musical based on Tesla's childhood, with character designs by Kaboom Estudio.

08b SPARKED (Reuben)Terry Draper
00:00 / 02:12

Portrait of a Suburb Bunny

Writer (script) -- (Finalist in Beverly Hills Film Festival and Las Vegas Film Festival) feature film, female-driven comedy/drama.

The lives of two childhood friends diverge and then merge in this stiletto vs. sensible shoes journey of self discovery and unconditional friendship.

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