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Mary MacDonald Rival

Television Projects

Amélie et compagnie:

Co-creator and writer for English series on which the TFO French series is based: 4th season airs Fall 2020 -- children's live-action series with a talking cat.

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Co-creator and writer for award-winning English series on which the above TFO French series is based. Also, writer and producer of short by the same name that won an Honorable Mention (Narrative Short) at the 2013 My Hero International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

(Click the arrow below to hear the original spec demo theme song by Terry Draper.)

01 Annabelle, Annabelle demoTerry Draper
00:00 / 02:45

Young Tesla Tales

Co-creator and writer (scripts) -- animated children's series, with character designs by Kaboom Estudio.

Young Niko's quiet life on the farm experiences a sudden plot twist when Anna, a girl from the future, arrives in the Tesla Time Mobile she uncovered in her great-grandmother's garage. Together they travel back in time to meet legends of science who help to answer their questions.

(Click the arrow below to hear the demo theme song by Terry Draper.)

01 Young Tesla Theme (demo)Terry Draper
00:00 / 01:09

Calling Occupants

Co-creator and writer of pilot episode (script) -- series, musical bio-pic. 

Set not long after NASA archived its last shuttle – and space travel and exploration became limited to hitching a ride on Russian rockets or relying on robotics – Calling Occupants introduces us to a world in crises. A world where a cosmic sighting on live TV plunges the planet into fear and panic. A world where religion is put to the test and nations must learn to come together. With the status quo disrupted, a playboy billionaire bankrolls an international race to space designed to accelerate humankind’s ability to patrol the stars.

The series is an action-packed, thought-provoking journey into the “what if” that celebrates innovation and perseverance, while looking at the human condition and our fear of change and the unknown.

(Inspired by the Klaatu song intended as theme song.)

The Consultant

Creator and writer of pilot episode (script) -- female-driven spy/adventure series. 

A teenager travels from Australia to California to meet her only remaining relative – a retired CIA training specialist – and finds herself entangled in the world of international espionage that killed her parents.

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