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Mary MacDonald Rival


n. A confused mixture of untidy things -- Oxford Dictionary

You know that junk drawer in your kitchen filled with old batteries that probably don't even work along with bits of ribbon and old menus? Well, welcome to the junk drawer of this website. Being an author, playwright and screenwriter for film and television... I'm sure this hodgepodge page will grow as I think of random tidbits to add.


Playback Articles:

To get us started, click this button to enter a portal where you can read long lost articles I wrote in Playback nearly a million years ago. There are lots of other samples for corporate clients, but these are the easiest for me to find and already for public consumption. 


What next? Oh, how about something fun, wild and wacky. Here are three YouTube videos of Lord Rudington short films made with a group of theatre friends who had way too much time on their hands. Enjoy!

Lord Rudington:

No Time To Waste.jpg
A Stitch in Time Travel.jpg
Quest for Tesla.jpg
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